Benefits of Baby Sling Carriers

Millions of mothers throughout the world are opting to use a baby sling to cradle their baby throughout the day. These slings have recently become popular with all types of mothers, from housewives to celebrity moms (and dads). Everywhere you look these days, from the coffee house to the gym, and the library to the retail shopping center, you’re likely to see parents carting their children around in a baby sling. Why then, you might ask, has this recent trend become so popular? It’s because there are so many benefits available to parent and baby when using a baby sling.

First, babies like to be carried. In fact, babies who are carried more often tend to cry much less than babies who are not. In cultures where babies are carried around for the majority of the day, babies spend very little time crying, usually only minutes per day. And, we all know, a happy baby means a happy mom (dad, daycare provider, etc).

Second, many studies show children who are carried more often form more secure attachments with their parents. Holding a baby closely helps parents and babies bond. When a baby is so close to their parents that often, parents become more adept at understanding and fulfilling babies’ needs. When this is done, babies learn to trust their parents more, and therefore, form more secure attachments. Wearing a baby sling is a great way to maximize contact with your baby and form secure bonds and attachments.

Third, wearing a sling is very convenient for parents, allowing them to stay hands-free for certain tasks. This convenience allows parents more freedom to do things they need to get done. Wearing a baby sling allows parents to get out of the house easier without the hassle of a bulky stroller. It also allows parents to perform tasks such as preparing dinner, light housework, and helping other children, all while giving their baby the attention he/she may need.

Finally, baby slings aid in healthy development. Babies who are carried more are usually more alert. This alertness allows babies to develop such skills as language and listening. It’s also a more comfortable transition for them from the womb to the outside world. They can feel their mother’s heartbeat, as well as the rhythm of her movements as they adjust to life outside of their mother’s womb. In addition to mental development, babies who are carried in an upright position can benefit physically. Being carried upright helps babies develop more core strength, it helps strengthen their neck muscles to support their head, and it helps aid babies with gastrointestinal issues such as colic or reflux.

If you have determined that a baby sling is a right decision for you and your baby, choosing the right sling can seem like a daunting task, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed. There are many options available, so do your research to make sure you choose the sling that is right for both you and your baby.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Baby Sling

Those who have used a baby sling before, especially a ring sling, have many great things to say and would not second guess their decision to purchase one. Slings have many great benefits and can provide a great help to any parent when needing to carry around a young child. Baby slings have been used for generations is many different countries throughout the world. Here are five top reasons you should also consider investing in a baby sling.

Child and Parent Bonding

Having your baby close to you at all times after they are born is just as special and important as when you were pregnant for nine months. All the benefits of bonding are there without the backaches and swollen legs. There are many different positions that can be used with a baby sling but with any of them, your child is close to your heart and comfortable next to your skin. The bonding that a baby sling allows is incredible.


Slings allow your hands to be free which enable the busy parent to multi-task and do many other things while still carrying the baby. Need to fold that basket of laundry but the baby does not want to be put down. With a baby sling, this is not a problem because you can hold your child as well as do other things that need to be accomplished.


Tired of loading and unloading a big awkward stroller? Baby slings are amazing because you can easily throw them in your diaper bag or purse and they are very easy to get your baby in and out of. Strollers are often hard to maneuver and sometimes don’t fit well through doors and isles at the store. Having access to a sling is nice because it takes up little space and can be used anywhere without the heavy load.

Child Interaction

When a child is sitting in a stroller they are well beneath the speaking level of adults. They often feel as though they always have to look up just to get adult interaction. With a sling, the child is sitting at the same level where adults interact and therefore it is easier to interact with the child. The baby is better able to hear the adult conversation and be involved in the conversation which provides a head start to speaking and communicating.

Babies Love Attention

With the use of a sling, the baby is usually a happier baby. It is custom to leave a baby on the floor to play and the baby only gets picked up when they need their diaper changed or when they start crying. Doing this the opposite way and holding the baby more often instead of only when they cry will make the baby happier. A sling allows more attention and holding because it is hands-free. Your baby is happier being held in a way where they are close to you and warm at the same time.

Baby slings have many great benefits making it an important baby necessity. Because they can be used from newborn all the way up to age three in most cases there is never a better time to look into investing in a baby sling.

How to Buy Baby Sling Carriers

Mothers everywhere are realizing the importance of having a baby sling carrier. They make carrying babies much easier and allow freedom of having an extra hand. In some countries, this has been the norm for many, many years. Mothers in China, India, and Africa have carried their babies in slings or wraps and strapped to their backs for hundreds of years. This practice has only become popular in the US in recent years as more parents discover the importance of bonding with the baby.

Attachment Parenting

Baby carriers are recommended by renowned pediatrician William Sears as a way to bond with your child and as part of the practice of attachment parenting. The baby slings and carriers give the mother more freedom of movement without worrying about her little one’s safety. The baby remains in close contact with the mother’s body and tends to be less fussy and can sleep or nurse while in the sling.

Tips for Purchasing a Baby Sling Carrier:

The first thing is to determine the type of baby carrier you will need. Tiny babies benefit best from a snuggle-type carrier that holds them close to their mother while in a safe position for receiving maximum airflow. In the past baby, slings received bad publicity because of the manufacturer’s recall of the Infantino Sling Rider which was found to be unsafe for babies due to the fact that a baby can slip down in the carrier and suffocate. These slings were discontinued.

Slings, Pouches, and Carriers

Purchase the right size sling, pouch or carrier to support your baby’s weight. When buying a sling from the retailer’s website, be sure to check the sizing chart for the right fit. A sling that is too big or one that is too small can be a hazard for babies.

When purchasing a snap or buckle-type carrier, choose the size that fits not only your body size but also meets the requirements for your baby’s weight. Carriers are suitable for babies from newborn to toddler sizes but you must observe the weight limitations to know that the item you are buying is going to be safe for your child.

For baby’s safety, always check to see that straps and securements in or on the carrier are in good working order. Straps that are loose, frayed or pinched may constitute unsafe conditions because they can come loose unexpectedly.

Baby sling carriers are a great way to have your baby close to you while grocery shopping, taking a walk in the park or doing household chores. Many mothers prefer this method because they do not have to carry any extra equipment when taking baby out. No strollers or car seat to lug a sleeping baby around in.

Carrying a baby in a sling is much easier because the sling redistributes the weight evenly across the shoulders and back area making it very light and comfortable for both mom and baby. Dad’s can use the baby carrier as well; simply adjust the straps for the increased shoulder size.