Difference Between Baby Slings and Traditional Carriers

Baby carriers have been around for centuries. Old time parents used to use whatever materials were available to strap their babies to them. This practice allowed them to work while holding their baby at the same time. Most parents that used baby carriers were women however nowadays men are using them too. Baby carriers allow you to hold your baby close while allowing you to use both arms to get things done. This can be beneficial to a baby craving comfort as well as give security to the parent as they can watch their sleeping infant while being productive at the same time.

Baby carriers have changed over the years. For a while they were not popular in the mainstream because the stroller took over. However, baby slings are becoming more popular as parents realize the benefits to keeping your baby close while allowing you to use both hands. Based on old baby carriers, baby slings mimic the old styles while offering more convenience than the classic versions. The updated versions can be more versatile and user friendly.

In previous years, parents from all over the world used stretchy material to wrap their baby around them. This style involved a long piece of material and it required several wraps to secure the baby. When using this style of carrier, the long piece of cloth can be a hindrance, especially if you are out in public. The Baby K’tan addresses this concern with creating a partially sewn carrier which prevents the need for a long piece of cloth. Instead of wrapping multiple times, the K’tan allows for you to wrap the material around you only a couple of times as it is pre-sewn for convenience. This updated style makes it more convenient to use than the traditional form.

Another old fashioned baby carrier is the Mei Tai which was used in China. This carrier has a square pouch to place the baby in and long strips of fabric to secure the baby to you. Traditional carriers were hand sewn and often included decorations or embellishments. Instead of sewing your own, you can now purchase this style of baby carrier. The Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier and the MOBY Meh Dai are both baby carriers that mimic the design of the Mei Tai baby carrier. They are beneficial as you can still enjoy the design while avoiding having to make your own.

Similar to the Mexican Rebozo, ring slings offer the convenience of being able to comfortably carry your baby while also allowing you to use both hands. Ring slings such as Mamaway Ring Sling allow you to mimic this style. The Rebozo has a knot on the shoulder which is tied once the baby is inside. This knot can be adjust to accommodate the weight of the baby and the comfort of the carrier. This style sling of today comes with an aluminum ring which the fabric is threaded through. Instead of having to retie a knot, all the user has to do is slide the material through the ring for a more secure fit. Some ring slings even come with padding or premade seats for the comfort of your baby. This style of baby carrier can be used with infants as well as toddlers.

Baby carriers are convenient for the user as they allow the parent hold the baby hands free which means they can complete tasks such as chores in the home or go out in public. Current baby carriers can be superior to the predecessor as they offer more convenient features such as already sewn material or padding to make the baby more comfortable. These styles of baby slings have been around for centuries and was the way of life for past parents. With updated versions, parents can now purchase their baby sling instead of making it, and they often include updated features to make them more convenient to use. Baby slings allow the parent to multitask with their baby safe and close by and instead of having to hold a colicy infant, a parent can easily satisfy their need to be held by putting them in a baby sling. Purchasing an updated version of a baby carrier offers modern features, attractive styles and convenient usage. While the traditional baby carriers were useful in their time, the updated versions have much more to offer.