How do Baby Slings allow new moms break cabin fever?

Of all the things that come with having a new baby, the most challenging part may be to leave the house. Regardless of where you go or what you are doing, leaving the house can be a challenge for many new parents. First of all, the equipment required to leave the house can be daunting. You need a car seat and a stroller as well as a diaper bag and other items. Getting this equipment into the car can be difficult as many small cars are not big enough to accommodate it. Also, toting the equipment around can be inconvenient and having to push a stroller through a big crowd can be frustrating. Leaving the house can be scary, so many mothers avoid leaving their home and instead remain indoors which can contribute to postpartum depression or otherwise leave the mother feeling sad.

Using a baby sling can help with all of these problems. With a baby sling, a new mother can walk freely and use both hands. This can allow her to do things like shop comfortably or exercise. Getting out of the house can help both mother and baby. Some baby slings, such as the wrap sling, can be compact and easily fit into a purse or diaper bag. This prevents the mother from lugging around a stroller or similar equipment. Also, having a baby sling to carry your baby around in means that you don’t have to bring a bulky stroller which may not even fit in your trunk. Having less equipment means less to keep track of and it allows the new mother to enjoy her time outside of the house. A baby sling also gives the security of keeping your baby close while also allowing you the freedom to use both hands and walk comfortably.

With a baby sling, a new mother can remain active instead of keeping indoors. With a baby sling, a mother can go for a walk or hike. Even if it’s just a stroll around the neighborhood, being active is proven to fight depression as well as keep the mother healthy. A baby sling removes the necessity of pushing a stroller and the new mom can remain close to the baby which will give her security and comfort which will cause her to want to go back outside in the future. Remaining active after giving birth will help the mother regain control of her body which will give her self-esteem and self-confidence. Also, remaining active will keep the mother healthy and increase endorphins which naturally fights depression.

A baby sling can be used at almost any event or location. If a mother is going on vacation and will be traveling to a cold location, she may want to purchase a baby sling with thicker material or thin material for a hot climate. A wrap sling will allow the most flexibility however a sling with a frame and shoulder pads may offer the most comfort for extended wear for places like an amusement park or a museum. A mother could wear a ring sling and attend a farmer’s market or go out to lunch. Some baby wraps can even double as a breastfeeding cover which will give the mother even more freedom as well as privacy.

Getting out of the house is an important activity for a new mother. It can be easy to hide in a house when you are a new mother as you sometimes have low self-esteem or self-confidence. Some mothers may even battle postpartum depression which can be deadly. The first time leaving the house might leave a new mother feeling anxious but with a baby sling, she can bring her baby with her which may ease anxiety. The importance of getting out of the house is tremendous as it eases the cabin fever feeling of caring for an infant. A baby sling gives a new mother the security of being close to her baby and the convenience of using both hands. A new mother doesn’t face the intimidating act of loading a car full of equipment and she can even walk comfortably in places like a festival or the grocery store.