How do Baby Slings allow new moms to get back into shape quicker?

Nothing compares to the miracle of a new baby and while it may be magical to welcome a new family member into your life, it can be exhausting, hectic, and challenging. Many new mothers wish to immediately have their pre-baby body back however most struggle to fit into their clothes after their baby is born. Finding time to exercise with a new baby can be challenging and you can become frustrated with your different body shape as it often has little resemblance to your body before you had a baby. This can cause poor self-esteem and self confidence which can plague a new mother. Most babies prefer to be held by their mother, this can pose a challenge to getting back into shape.  Here is a great Purium review that can help with this process.

Baby slings offer a solution. With a baby sling, a mother can use both hands while still holding her baby. An infant that would typically cry in a crib can be easily comforted in the warm, tight feeling of a baby sling. Listening to his mother’s heart beat, a baby can drift into sleep which allows the mother to exercise. As some baby slings come in various styles, many are made from cloth which allow for the most comfortable and flexible hold.  Some mothers have even mentioned that it allows them to do workouts women’s Health magazine. Other baby slings, such as a ring sling, can also provide comfort, security and flexibility which can allow you the freedom to exercise and reclaim your body. Wearing your baby gives you the security of having them close.

Walking can be a great way to exercise. After giving birth, a mother is usually told to hold off on strenuous exercise however walking can be done immediately. Walking with an infant in a baby sling allows for the mother to get out of the house and exercise while not compromising her healing body. A mother can easily check on her baby as she goes for a stroll in the park and her baby remains safe and close to her heart. Yoga is also an exercise that can be done with a baby sling. Some positions are not recommended when using a baby sling however there are multiple positions that can be done while holding a baby in a baby sling. This flexibility exercise is low impact and can even be done while a baby sleeps. Yoga can be an excellent way to relax, exercise and clear your mind. The peaceful stretching routine can be a godsend to a new mother that is frazzled and otherwise unable to exercise.

While jogging or running should not be done while using a baby sling, walking on a treadmill can take the place of walking outside should it rain or otherwise be inconvenient. Setting the treadmill to a low setting and walking daily can help a mother get back into shape. A baby sling allows her to walk comfortably on the machine while also keeping the safety of her child in mind. Using small weights to gain strength in the arms can also be done while wearing a baby. Lifting the individual weights will tone the arms and the baby sling can fit comfortably on the back or front. There are also workout videos which can be done at home and your baby can sleep soundly on your chest.

New mothers are often self conscious of their new body and sometimes they lose self esteem as well as self confidence. With the stress of a new baby, a new routine and a new body, a mother may become perpetually sad or even develop postpartum depression. Exercising after having a baby can create self confidence and increase self esteem. Working out, even walking, releases endorphins which helps fight depression. Using a baby sling allows the mother to tone her body, lose weight and get healthy. Exercising while baby wearing allows for the mother to be close to her new baby while going for a walk or lifting weights. Wearing your baby while exercising can help fight depression which many new mothers face. Keeping your baby close can also give you the security you desire and a baby sling can meet that need. Baby slings have excellent benefits and one of them is the ability to exercise while still remaining close to your baby.

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