Top Baby Sling Accessories

Baby slings can be a blessing for any family. Whether you need to get things done or you want to comfortably walk in the park, a baby sling can suit your needs. With multiple styles and varieties, baby slings can cater to any child and some can even accommodate a toddler. Ring slings, wraps, tie slings and pouch slings are just some of the styles offered. Each sling is unique and they are always customizable giving you the very best fit each time you use it. Slings come in various colors and styles making them fashionable and chic. Slings also have accessories which are sold separately and they can improve the use of the baby sling.

Many baby carriers have an optional infant insert that can be used with the sling. The infant insert can give your baby a more comfortable fit. They allow for the sling to fit snugly around them while also adding warmth and protection. Infant inserts are made for small infants which may otherwise be too small for a baby carrier. Ergobaby carriers have an available insert as a separate purchase as well as LILLEBaby carriers which even come with a soft seat for the baby. MiaMily carriers also have an infant insert accessory which has soft material and leg holes for a small infant’s legs to fit through. An infant insert can make the carrier more secure and more comfortable for your baby.

A sling is meant for comfort for the baby as well as for the parent. While some slings are strictly material, other slings came with straps that may irritate the parent’s shoulders or waist. LILLEBaby carriers offer a waist belt extension which allows a larger parent to comfortably wear their baby. They also offer tummy pads which attach to the waist belt for comfort around the midsection. Because the straps can dig into a parent’s skin, these tummy pads provide added comfort for the parent.

Babies enjoy putting things in their mouth because they may be teething or otherwise enjoy the sensation of putting objects on their mouth. While in a sling, a baby may chew on the material. This can pose a problem as it can be difficult to keep the carrier clean but impossible to get the child to stop chewing on the material. Some baby carriers offer teething pads or bibs that can be attached to the carrier. This way, the baby chews on the pad instead of on the carrier. When the pad gets dirty, all you have to do is unattach it and wash it in the washing machine. Ergobaby offers teething pads which can be attached to the baby sling and BabyBjorn also has teething pads which can be attached to the baby sling. Ergobaby has an available bib which can be attached to the baby carrier.

One concern that parents have when using a baby carrier is that their child is exposed to the elements. Unlike in a stroller where you have a canopy and blanket, a child in a baby carrier is limited to the warmth of their parents and their clothes. Many baby slings offer waterproof covers that can be attached to the baby sling. Ergobaby offers a rainproof cover for their baby slings. Boba even offers a pull over sweatshirt for the adult to wear and put over the baby carrier when used on their back. This kangaroo style sweatshirt provides warmth as well as protection from the outdoor elements. BabyBjorn offers a hooded cover which can be used to keep rain and cold weather away from the baby. These additions can protect the baby in colder climates and during wet weather.

Accessories are available for baby slings to improve their style and design. These accessories can help keep the baby sling clean as well as keep the baby warm and dry. With these accessories, you can comfortably go for a walk without concern for the cold or damp weather. Your child can teeth without you having to worry about wear and tear on your sling and the available pads can easily be kept clean. You can also confidently use the sling with a newborn if you have an infant insert. These accessories can be purchased separately however they will vastly improve your experience using a baby sling. With the right baby sling and additional accessories, your baby sling days can be very enjoyable.